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A great app

Hard time looking for something like this good downloads



Cool app

Worked fine for me!

The Best Offline Downloader

I don’t write reviews often, but I use this app more than any other app on my iOS devices, and I hardly ever run into any real problems. It’s easy to reach their tech support if you need to. I would give this app 10 stars or more if I could. I use this app daily. I don't have home internet connection so I depend o this app for offline viewing. I like it because it's easy and dependable.

Great app!

Has very nifty feature set, works great! Update: video file downloading not reliable anymore. Incomplete downloads overall.

Before is the best app

When I get the apps two year ago it is the best app on the market, now has a problems, the most videos crash and YouTube doesn’t work very well. I hope you are try fix a problems.

Awesome app


Is no longer any use

It no longer allows me to download video from YouTube and extract the audio. Worthless. Return that function and I’ll edit this review.

Have used for years

Good app though I would be remiss to say that it works all the time. I have had more issues with this app the longer I have had it. Could be a lack of understanding on my part. I still like the app. Works great for youtube but I record a lot of trainings and they just don’t always work.

doesn’t cast anymore after the update

the cast option doesn’t show even after restarting the app/phone

Annoying app

So frustrating! So many pop ups every time I try to play a video

Used to be a great app

I used to love this app, but with 1 update a year and constant crashing problems this app is becoming unusable. At this time I would say look into other options because this app has fallen from grace. Developer if you are reading this, please push out more updates and fix your crashing issues

Keeps cutting off after 10-15 minutes

When I first got this app, it was awesome. But for the past month or so it as cuts off after less than 15 minutes. Hope they fix this soon or I’ll just have to delete it.


It's very good and very easy

Non functional

I followed directions and couldn’t cast. The contact link yielded an error. Perhaps it’s my iPhone SE which is really very zippy. Anyway I’d plan on asking for a refund within 7 days if I can’t get it going.

Keeps crashing when exit the app

While I exit the app it stops playing the audio, keeps saying ERROR FIX ASAP

Great app, thanks

One of the best app to cast web video to Chromecast. It is not user friendly but once I figure how it work. It works well. Special unique Features that I tried and worked: 1. Mkv videos, which I don’t think there is another casting app out there that could do that. Well done! Thanks developer. 2. Ability to save video file from web. Again, hard to find app that does it. Suggestion to developer: 1. Multiple downloads would be great enhancement. 2. A more enhance file management system like about to transfer video files from other apps. I tried when using an app for example, file hue, I select a video file, then select open with Rocket, the file is not copied over. If that is can be done then this app is definitely a 5 stars app.

What a waste of money

What a waste of money

This app works, the others don’t.

The only casting app I’ve found that works with either my new Sony XBR65X930E 4K Smart TV or my Onkyo TX-RZ720 Receiver. The app needs to be restarted sometimes, or before it will play the video or music stopped casting and restarted. But once the stream starts it’s smooth and stays connected.


Never lets me down

This was the best app till update

Before the last two updates it was awesome! I’m sure it can be again. It now down loads instead of playing videos. And usually won’t even do that.cant use.

Great app!

Really amazing app. Works sooo well. I’m really happy with it. Best app of its kind by far. Stable and super useful.

Wish I dident update it

I used to be able to play it with the screen locked now it says operation not permitted . Please fix that):

Please update for iPhone X

Great app, but needs to be optimized for iPhone X!


Best cast browser ever!


This app crashes .. kinda hate I paid for it.

Amazing app

So many videos I couldn't cast before can now all be cast

Still the only cast app that lets me cast live video

While it does crash and so on, it’s still the only app that lets me cast live video at the moment. Just noticed you made a new version just a few minutes ago, so I’m glad to see you’re still working on improving this app. If there’s anything you can do to fix the crashing or stalling it would be much appreciated. I’m sure if it was that easy, you’d do it, so I appreciate what you’ve done to this point.

So frustrating

This app never loads or cast. It lags and loads CONSTANTLY. It was nice when it first was launched. Very helpful and convenient, but now I can’t stand it. Unless they update this and make some serious, serious changes... don’t get it!


This is one of the best apps ever!!!!

Needs major work

This app can’t play videos on certain formats. Many videos I tried simply doesn’t work. Still looking for the amazing app for chromecast.


Can’t save any video or song in my library anymore what’s the problem

Stutters, drains battery, heats up phone

I tried to do exactly as it promised and every time I cast to my chromecast it started stuttering. I downloaded the video and tried the same, still stutters. I can only assume that some very shoddy programming is poorly transmitting the file to the chromecast, so it's basically useless. Asking for a refund now.

Stopped working!

Used to be a great app now it rarely plays anything without showing errors.


This app is garbage. It lags. It freezes. It boots you off frequently and then you have to start an entire movie over but then because it's so touchy, that's a challenge itself. You would think that when casting a more legit website, it would work even a LITTLE bit better. But no. It just flat out does not work for legit websites. So if you want subpar quality that becomes more frustrating than useful, stick to the pirated websites. If you want absolutely nothing, try real websites! What a joke. Don't waste your money.

Only works maybe 25% of the time

Great idea, decent app, but too often it spits out errors and cannot play embedded videos on websites that play fine in chrome or safari. This issue only started about a month ago, it seemed to work about 80% of the time before that. If this is a bug that can be fixed I would gladly change my review to 5 stars.


Very Good

Great app

Not only is this a great app but their customer service is amazing. If something doesn't cast an email goes out and some will send you a suggestion and it usually works!

Mixed Feelings

I've had this app for a while & it's great BUT for the last few months, it's just not as good. Movies/shows don't download as before nor do they even play at times. I hope it's just a bug that can get a quick fix.

Doesn't do as Advertised

This product failed when i followed the Rocketcast instructions, tried contacting them but the email address they provide was not valid. Overall highly disappointed with app. Want my money back.

Works fine but it takes sometime

It works fine doesn't stop but it takes some time to get it working

there's an error

this is an awesome app to save videos. but i can't save videos to my gallery after downloading them into the app. please fix it next update

Works great

This works very well. I have a chromecast and this allows me to mirror content otherwise unavailable. Works great. Happy with this app. Doesn't work with Prime but that wasn't a surprise.

Not working anymore




Not Very Good

After you weed through all of the broken English fake reviews, you come to realize that this app is mediocre at best and not very well developed. The Settings UI is ugly. File management is horrendous. No way to save video to the camera roll without jumping through hoops. Impossible to delete folders.

Gets the job done

The app does exactly what I need it to (stream from websites on my iPhone to chrome cast tv ) it can be buggy but it does what I need it to. I'd like to see an update more often than once every 4-6 months (no app is perfect ). If I saw that happening with good results this would be a 5 star app.

Useless application

I just bought and installed this application. Can't make it work. It just keep crashing.

Does not work well

Roku version was flawless and never had any problem. Recently purchased for my samsung smart TV thinking it would work the same way but I was wrong, video only play once in a while for few minutes then stop, after that I only see cast icon on my TV. Poor app.


Bad bad bad app

This app is amazing

I use this on the daily, whether I'm chrome casting or on or downloading videos. It's must have!

Excellent way to stream videos to Chromecast

Use this all of the time to stream web videos to the Chromecast. Highly recommend


its okay

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